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I have many friends in school and I like playing with them. There are also many children in my neighborhood who are my friends. But though I value his friendship very much, I have another friend who is the most lovable of all. That friend is my library.

I have made a small library of my own at home. Since then, my parents have been collecting books for me. It began with books teaching alphabet. Then the numbers came. Gradually, I had books with short stories. My mother used to read me on the bed. Now I have books on fairy tales, folk tales, funny books, and geography, science, history and literature from different parts of the world, all of which are presented as a story.

I love books. On my holidays, I pick up any book and it becomes so messy that I often forget to eat. Shout to my mother for my food. Sometimes my friends come, but if I am busy reading an interesting story then I hate to play my book with them.

I often borrow books from my friends and school libraries. Books hold a great attraction for me. I think I know a lot about different things, while my friends who do not read books at home, I do not know that I know half things. They like to hear the stories they read. Some of my friends have also started enjoying reading books.

Most of my relatives and friends know that they are the best birthday gifts which they can give me with books and with their generosity. I now have more than one hundred books in my personal library.

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